Top Online Casinos in Europe

When it comes to thinking about the “best” online casinos in Europe, there are quite a few things we have to take into account. For example, which have the best welcome deals, but also look after their current players with ongoing promotions and of course, a fantastic VIP programme for the high rollers? They need to have a clear, easy to navigate website, that works well and of course it needs top notch games! On the less exciting side of things, a good online casino is secure and safe to use, offers great customer support and works on a variety of devices. There is a lot to look at!


With all that in mind, here are some of the top European online casinos.


Vera & John is a casino online that offers a welcome bonus of 100% up to £100 plus 52 free spins which is not to be scoffed at! They have an incredible 351 slot games, as well as 50 tables games, 13 video poker games and even 5 live games. Support is in the form of a live chat, email or telephone call so you are never left with a question or a query that cannot be solved. The site is easy to use, modern and full of great games.


Casumo’s bonus is a whopping 200 free spins, + £1200 bonus but their biggest selling point is the unique way in which players interact with the site - it’s all interconnected as a series of challenges and missions which offer rewards. With 371 slots, 59 table games, 9 games of video poker and 5 live games, you will certainly never be bored on Casumo!


Winner casino is a great online casino with a 200% welcome bonus up to £300 and games rage from Batman, and Ironman themed slots to Blackjack and Live Roulette. Help is easily accessed 24/7 via live chat, a free phone number, email and even post! The site is even bigger than it’s casino games although it offers 125 slots, 37 table games, 6 live games and a massive 15 video poker games!


Bet365 Casino has been established since 2001, so it’s no wonder they are market leaders. They offer a new player bonus of up to £100 and their games can be played on the go with a mobile version of their site, which is easy to use and operates well. With live games, progressive jackpots and a huge amount of slots this is a site you can’t go wrong with!


Why not check them out and see what you think!


Casino Barriere de Deauville - Casino Review

The Casino Barriere de Deauville is one of the most elegant and prestigious casinos in France and has a fantastic atmosphere to help you enjoy a special evening.


This casino offers a few complimentary drinks, usually glasses of champagne which is something that very few French casinos do and it really gives the place an heir of class and sophistication and feels much more like a classic Vegas Casino than many others that France has to offer.  


The Casino Barriere de DEauville has generous opening times, from 11am - 2am on weekdays, but holidays and weekends the fun is even longer, from 10am - 4am! There are around 325 casino machines, as well as 36 table games, including: 10 tables of Blackjack (with a €5 minimum bet) 1 craps table (€10 minimum), 4 English roulette tables (€2 minimum) and 3 French roulette tables (€5 minimum), plus 1 Punto Banco table (€20 minimum) and 4 Stud Poker tables (with a €10 minimum bet), there are also 12 poker tables, so you certainly won’t get bored at this casino and there is scope for high rollers and smaller players to enjoy games due to the minimum bets.


The casino has three fantastic restaurants and one amazing bar: Le Brumell is the main bar which also serves “pub”-style food during lunch and dinner times; Le Cercle, a classic French restaurant, ideal for eating some culture; Le Ciro’s is another restaurant, which serves seafood for lunch and dinner, and for lighter bites and a more casual coffee, you have Le Plaza Cafe.


Aside from the casino itself, the building has a beautiful Italian-style theater as well as a cinema and often puts on live entertainment events. Once you’ve finished in the casino, you can celebrate (or perhaps, sadly commissourate!) in the Brummel night club in the building too. It really is an incredible entertainment complex that is worth a visit!


It is important to note that you will not be permitted entry without a valid passport so make sure you have yours to hand! Also, there are different dress codes for various events, so again, check on this before you venture out, just to be safe!


There is a reason that Casino Barriere de Deauville was mentioned in the Bond novels - it oozes class and prestige but is ultimately still very modern and clean. It is worth a night out as there is so much to see and do, and who knows - you might even win big, James Bond style!


Casino de Biarritz - Casino Review

The Casino de Biarritz is a newly renovated building with views of the stunning beach outside the window. Although it is quite small compared to other casinos in France, it is very beautiful and certainly worth a visit for the architecture alone.


Of course, the real draw is the casino itself which boasts around 220 exciting slot machines and

4 blackjack tables, 3 boules tables, 2 English roulette tables, 4 French roulette tables, 1 poker table, 1 stud poker table and 1 punto banco. This is clearly not the place to go if poker is your main casino game, but there is plenty of variety otherwise.


One thing to be aware of is that not everything is open before 9 pm so do not expect to be able to play everything you may want to before that time. Games are available until 3 am most days or 4 am on a Saturday evening, so do not expect an early night - especially if you are on to a winning streak!


As with many other French casinos, there is often live entertainment such as comedy and music so you really can make a full night of it here. Why not start with a meal, win some money in the casino (if you’re lucky!), catch a show and then head off to bed in the hotel - a real (French) Las Vegas experience all under one roof.


There are four different food/drink establishments, including a casual lunch cafe, one restaurant, a lounge with drinks and bar food and one dedicated bar. Most people report these as affordable and tasty - a great way to re-fuel between games, or perhaps buy a round with your newly won money!


As with all of this chain of casinos, you can get a CasinoPass which opens the doors to your for various offers, bonuses, exclusive events and general surprises. It’s free to get your Red card and the more you play, the higher up the tower you climb and the better your deal is. There are even special gifts for your birthday and deals on their adjoining hotels.


If poker is your game, you might be disappointed, but otherwise, this is a great, modern casino with plenty of choices, lots of fantastic eating and drinking options, all housed in a beautiful, recently renovated building in an incredible location by the coast. What more could anyone ask for?!


Casino Barrier d’Enghien-les-Bains - Casino Review

The Casino Barrier D’Enghien-les-Bains is the biggest casino in France with the largest gaming table room in the country too. Because of this, it gets very crowded during weekends, although for some people this adds to the experience of the casino atmosphere.


The casino is overlooking a beautiful lake so the view cannot be faltered and inside it is clean and welcoming. It is open daily from 10-4pm for slots and 4pm-4am for table games. It boasts a huge 500 slot machines and 14 Blackjack tables, (with a minimum bet of €5) 18 English roulette tables (€2 minimum) 4 French Roulette tables (€5 minimum play) however one game that is not offered is poker.


In terms of the dress code they demand smart casual wear, and although they do not require a jacket and tie they do not accept shorts, open footwear or any form of sportswear. The entrance fee ranges between €11 and €16 euros and you are offered a soft drink for this price.


The casino has two restaurants, with one specifically for snacks to keep you fueled as you play and the other for a romantic meal, or special occasion.


Staff politeness and friendliness is mentioned often in reviews and they do pride themselves on their customer service. That said, there are a lot of charges before you have even sat down at a table that it is important to be aware of. For example, you have to pay for parking, the cloakroom and entrance fee (in fact, they are the only casino in France who charge an entrance fee however this is dictated by the rules of the local town hall), so do bare this in mind.


The Casino Barrier D’Enghien-les-Bains does offer a generous loyalty card scheme to reward frequent visitors with discounts, special offers and various surprises throughout the year. If you are planning on visiting regularly, they are certainly worth signing up for.


As far as French casinos go, Casino Barrier D’Enghien-Les-Bains is vast and full of games, although of course, if poker is your game of choice then you may wish to look elsewhere. However, if you fancy trying out one of the 500 slots games, of one of the other table games, looking out onto the beautiful lake, or enjoying a meal in one of the restaurants, then this is a great place to visit - just remember to budget some extra money for those one-off fees!


Casino Le Croisette, Cannes - Casino Review

The Casino La Croisette is based in Cannes, a fantastic location, on the beach, so if you happen to visit during the film festival, you might be lucky to spot some stars! The casino is large by Cannes standards but much smaller than those in America so be sure to manage your expectations.

It is free to enter the casino and it boasts 250 slot machines of differing themes and games, as well as Poker tournaments, Texas Hold’em Poker, English Roulette and Blackjack. All machines and games can be accessed and played from 10-3am.

Although the casino claims to have a dress code, many people are often let in wearing more casual wear such as shorts and flip flops so although it can be enforced, it doesn’t appear to be too strict. The building itself is very modern, which is unique for a casino and seems to have a love it or hate it effect on patrons.

At the front of the building are handprints of stars who have visited which is a really fun, quirky touch and another reason to visit the casino.

The staff are friendly and helpful, and the casino is clean - everything you could want from a casino! There is even a beautiful, huge aquarium in the building to make it all feel a little bit more rock ‘n’ roll.

There is nightly entertainment in the casino and colored lighting which adds to the atmosphere.. The casino also boasts a great restaurant onsite to add to your experience.

The casino offers a loyalty program for discounts in the restaurant and bar as well as surprises and offers during the year. There are different tiers of these to best suit your usage and how often you wish to attend.

Reviews range mainly between average and excellent, and it seems that those who are not overly impressed are comparing the casino to other bigger, more fancy establishments, which the Casino Le Croisette does not ever try to be. However, it is clean, modern and welcoming.

The Casino Le Croisette is the biggest casino in Cannes and so your best bet if you fancy a gamble during the festival. However, it cannot be compared to bigger casinos in places such as Las Vegas as it will never be that standard. If you’re in the area, it’s a great way to spend a day.

The Ins and Outs of Bitcoin Mining in 2015

Bitcoin is an intriguing and relatively new digital currency that is capturing the imaginations of everyone from capital investors to computer geeks to the general masses. Everyone is asking- where do they get these famous coins? The answer lies in something called bitcoin mining.

What is bitcoin mining?Bitcoin mining is a process where users set up a computer network that ‘harvests’ for bitcoin. This is accomplished by algorithm matching. It involves a code where strings of numbers are listed in something called a blockchain. The numbers list constantly changes until a match is found from the bitcoin with an assigned number and the list coming from the computer. Once a match is made, the system picks up the bitcoin and the new number is assigned to a new coin. This is accomplished at a large level and throughout the entire network. This will allow a new coin to be picked up every couple minutes or even seconds.

This money process will not go on forever. Once all the bitcoins are allocated, mining will seize completely. This is a way to control the total surplus of bitcoin in the system as well as protect against any kind of inflation. The designer of bitcoin has secretly stated (he/she has spoken anonymously) that this total allotment is supposed to keep bitcoin relevant for many years and to hedge against other things that bring down traditional currencies.

Advanced Hardware is NeededFurthermore, the system required to even mind for bitcoins is pretty complicated. It is a huge technical burden to do this from a home PC, and the matching will be slow to the point where it is unproductive. Essentially, the cost of running the computer will outweigh any amount of coins one can ever obtain. Users can also use coins mined through the hardware on sites such as Satoshi Slot. Even more interestingly, companies have offered a service where they will mine for bitcoins for a monthly fee. This essentially means that users are leasing the equipment for a period of time. The more they pay, the higher the performance of the hardware. This is become the leading way to obtain bitcoin, at least for now.

Bitcoins And The World Of Digital Currencies

Technology has not only made the world a global village nut it has also made work easier for most people. The world has moved from paper money to liquid money transferred electronically. This has facilitated the expansion of businesses globally as at a touch of a button, one can order for goods and pay for them from one end of the earth. Bitcoins, for example, have made buying and selling of goods easy.

Bitcoins are a form of digital currency developed in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. They are developed using software that works using a mathematical formula. There are those people who feel skeptical about using the bitcoins for security reasons. It is important to note that the all transactions are recorded in a public ledger known as the block chain. Here, everybody can access the data and can tell the number of bitcoins that are in a particular account. However, as an account holder you are protected because one cannot tell the owner of the account.

Every bitcoin spent is recorded in the software. This means that you cannot double spend as every bitcoin is traced and when it is spent the systems makes a record of the transaction.

There was crime that started as there is no limit as to how you can use the account. This is what attracted the attention of regulators as there were cases of fraud and tax evasion. The government saw the bitcoin as a good place where a lot financial growth can come from, but still saw the need to protect the users from abuse.

For merchants, bitcoins are a good way to transact as it is cheaper than using other forms of payment services. This has attracted many merchants. Another reason that makes it attractive for merchants is that it is not the vendor, but the buyer who caters for the transaction fees meaning that they save money as vendors.

The software has influenced the growth even in other areas like the Satoshi Slot that is a based on the bitcoins theme. Even many casinos have taken bitcoins as a good form of doing business where a player can make his deposits using bitcoins and also redeem his profits using bitcoins.

Important Facts You Should Know About Casino Games

Playing games at the casinos is something that people look forward to nowadays. This is because it is a form of entertainment, and you can still have some rewards and bonuses. The games can also be played at the comfort of your home since you can use your phone to play them. Below are some of the benefits you can derive from engaging in online gaming.

Extra commission

For people who want to make extra money on these games, they can refer other individuals to the games and get paid. This is done by getting into Plain Partners in the Vera John casinos. As a member, you will be required to register with the company so that you can start earning your commission.

Easy to play

The games played in here are extremely popular, and learning to play them is easier than expected. However, there are some few instructions that you should follow in order to win the games. The rewards are good and attractive for people who want to make some good money.

Privacy polic

Before you enroll into playing any games, it is important to know that your details are protected. The company will require some information from you, which will be used when opening an account. Login into your account will also require a personal password, which is safeguarded by the company.


All the products from this company have been secured, ensuring that the player will not feel manipulated into engaging in something they are not sure of. It is important to know what you are getting yourself into before you sign any contract.

Responsible playing

Although everyone desires to win the games now and then, it is recommended to understand that losing is also part of playing the games. It is advisable to work on something that you are comfortable with. For example, it is recommended that you set your goals and boundaries, so as protect yourself from a lot of losses.

In case you have little ones whom you do not want to play the games, you will be glad to know that you can limit them. This is by using passwords that are only known to you. You can also get software like the Cyber Patrol, which will block all the unnecessary games.

Launch in early 2014

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