Casino Barriere de Deauville – Casino Review

The Casino Barriere de Deauville is one of the most elegant and prestigious casinos in France and has a fantastic atmosphere to help you enjoy a special evening.


This casino offers a few complimentary drinks, usually glasses of champagne which is something that very few French casinos do and it really gives the place an heir of class and sophistication and feels much more like a classic Vegas Casino than many others that France has to offer.  


The Casino Barriere de DEauville has generous opening times, from 11am – 2am on weekdays, but holidays and weekends the fun is even longer, from 10am – 4am! There are around 325 casino machines, as well as 36 table games, including: 10 tables of Blackjack (with a €5 minimum bet) 1 craps table (€10 minimum), 4 English roulette tables (€2 minimum) and 3 French roulette tables (€5 minimum), plus 1 Punto Banco table (€20 minimum) and 4 Stud Poker tables (with a €10 minimum bet), there are also 12 poker tables, so you certainly won’t get bored at this casino and there is scope for high rollers and smaller players to enjoy games due to the minimum bets.


The casino has three fantastic restaurants and one amazing bar: Le Brumell is the main bar which also serves “pub”-style food during lunch and dinner times; Le Cercle, a classic French restaurant, ideal for eating some culture; Le Ciro’s is another restaurant, which serves seafood for lunch and dinner, and for lighter bites and a more casual coffee, you have Le Plaza Cafe.


Aside from the casino itself, the building has a beautiful Italian-style theater as well as a cinema and often puts on live entertainment events. Once you’ve finished in the casino, you can celebrate (or perhaps, sadly commissourate!) in the Brummel night club in the building too. It really is an incredible entertainment complex that is worth a visit!


It is important to note that you will not be permitted entry without a valid passport so make sure you have yours to hand! Also, there are different dress codes for various events, so again, check on this before you venture out, just to be safe!


There is a reason that Casino Barriere de Deauville was mentioned in the Bond novels – it oozes class and prestige but is ultimately still very modern and clean. It is worth a night out as there is so much to see and do, and who knows – you might even win big, James Bond style!